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When you see a need, you either desire it and nothing else or you create it. So Domain 38 was born out of a vision from the owner Leah Sparks of Walls of Wisdom. Something was missing in the canvas art industry and she wanted to bring you what's been missing. The Domain 38 line is full of the fun side of her personality as well as her bolder side, the same one we all have in us.

Your home should be a reflection on your personality, your business should speak initiative, inspiration & authority, your design should make a statement. Not everyone wants the standard everyday art you find at most chains or other online art companies.

  • We want you to have hard to find creations to fill your space.
  • We want you to have pieces of art that make a bold statement and grab attention.
  • We want you to have art that speaks bold statements.
  • We want you to have art that impacts those who read it and inspire them within.
  • We want you to be you most importantly and make your space uniquely you.
  • Really no reason to settle for boring design or boring anything. So you came to the right place.